If you are a professional interested in health, wellness, and/or fitness and are passionate about wanting to be part of the future of self-care

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Strong Network

Fitenza is a global network of Doctors, Registered Nutritionists, Nurses, Mental Health Professionals, Fitness & Wellness Coaches, Trainers, and Technologists empowered by today’s Artificial Intelligence, deep learning, IoT (wearables), web apps, and platforms.

Empower with Self-Care

Fitenza goal is to empower people to improve their self-care to live a better life by getting assistance and advice from experts like you and today’s state of the art technology. This will enlarge your network and influence in the area of your expertise/interest.

A problem worth solving

We all realize there are millions of lives impacted or lost either because they failed to take care of themselves properly or in many cases don’t even know how to do so, therefore, suffered as a result.

Bridging the Gap

Overall health has been declining for much of the population and we are told this frequently, but it really doesn’t impact us until it affects you and/or a loved. And this is true because we do little research and hardly take advantage of the available resources to gain the knowledge and develop the simple disciplines that can help us and our loved ones.

Benefits for all

Fitenza will hep you and your patients or clients to start and stay longer with their health, wellness or fitness program. Fitneza’s smart AI engine, social solution Apps & strategic partners are here to assists not only the end user but the professionals that make it happen as well.

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If you are  a professional interested in  health, wellness, and/or fitness and you’re  passionate about  wanting to be part of the future, Join Fitenza.

Join Fitenza

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