How Self-Care is Done!

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You can have a personal robot trainer right now

Ever wanted to have a personal trainer that lived with you 24/7 and helped you with you at any time of the day with nothing in return? No human would

New apps within the past few years have made elderly care easier and less stressful

Caregiving for your elderly loved ones can be a very stressful job. You can’t always be with them and it’s possible that a crisis could

How all the different type of biking apps can help you, no matter your goal

Everyone has their own reason they give for going cycling. Some people want to explore the world in ultimate freedom. Some people want to lose

How Fitenza uses technology to help you with your pregnancy

It is important that you stay informed about your pregnancy, especially if this is your first. You might have questions, you might not know where to

How technology can find and help children with autism

There are dozens of apps on Autism out there. There are apps that help make life easier, screening apps, and teaching apps. Thanks to smartphones, it

What’s the best wearable to use with Fitenza?

There have been dozens of wearables released in just the past few years, and there are much more to come. Many different types of watches

Using telomere length to measure your Fitenza success

The average human has 1,711.2 trillion chromosomes in their body. 37.2 trillion cells multiplied by 46 chromosomes per cell. On both sides of each

The future of nutrition tracking

Proper nutrition is one of the most important keys to a living happy and healthy life, yet it is the most overlooked. A lack of magnesium can cause

Why most apps aren’t so great at helping you lose weight

Each app that claims to help you lose weight has its own specialty. Some apps focus on calorie counting, some focus on information, and others focus

How exercise can help you quit smoking

Quitting smoking is easy, not starting again is hard Starting something is easy. You only convinced to do it for a short amount of time. Not starting

Exercising with HIV

Exercise is more important than ever Exercise is important to living a long and healthy life, especially for people with HIV. Exercising might be

The effects of exercise on mental health

Many people hit the gym or go on weekly jogs to improve their physical health. When you think exercise odds are you only think of the physical