New apps within the past few years have made elderly care easier and less stressful

Caregiving for your elderly loved ones can be a very stressful job. You can’t always be with them and it’s possible that a crisis could happen when you’re not there. Luckily, within the past few years, many apps have come out addressing these problems.


Apps that help you track medication

Caregiving used to require a lot of memorization. Drug prescriptions are very specific, and many elderly require dozens of pills a day. Luckily, apps like RX Personal Caregiver and the AARP Caregiving app help you track your loved one’s (or your own) prescriptions. In the event of an FDA drug recall, the RX Personal Caregiver app can even notify you, something even the most dedicated caregivers don’t watch out for. Fitenza adds another step to this and alerts healthcare providers that a certain drug has been recalled or a study has come out with negative effects on it.


Apps that help coordinate multiple caregivers and healthcare providers

Caregiving is a hard job for one. Many loved ones have multiple caregivers. However, this can sometimes cause more headache than it saves. Coordinating between caregivers can be a nightmare. Taking multiple caregivers to the same doctor causes confusion for everyone. Not anymore. Apps like CareZone, Balance, and CaringBridge include features for inviting close friends/family to be caregivers. After sending invitations you can easily share patient data. Eligable patient data includes medication taken, symptoms, and more. Symple focuses on the symptoms part and helps track symptoms over a long period of time. Data that could be very useful to healthcare providers. Fitenza has a similar feature, allowing selective access to family members and healthcare providers.


Wearable devices help with monitoring

eCare21 does something very similar to Fitenza. This app lets you monitor your loved one around the clock through the use of wearable devices. Buy your loved one a few health trackers, and now you have 24/7 tracking on their health. The best part is that wearable devices don’t have to be intrusive (ex. Fitbit or Masimo). Doctors can also keep an eye on their elder’s through this app. Fitenza provides the same service in this field, but with greater feature integration service.


Safe, even when you’re not there

There are apps plenty of apps for elders, along with caregivers. A lot of people remember the famous LifeAlert commercial. If you’ve fallen and can’t get up, just click the button and you’ll be connected with an operator. Far easier said than done. In the event of a health crisis, the elder may be unresponsive and can’t do something as simple as press a button. Now there’s an app for this. Whenever the app’s user doesn’t check in within a certain interval of time (ex. 20 minutes) Mandown sounds an alarm and sends emergency alerts to loved ones. In addition, the app has fall detection. If no movement is felt within a certain interval, the phone asks to be moved, if it isn’t then an alert is sent out. Fitenza has a very similar “life-alert” type feature that can help keep your loved ones safe.


Medical emergency cards

If your elder goes out alone a lot then you might find ICE Standard useful. Ice standard shows emergency medical information on the lock screen in case of an accident. It can also easily send this information to 911 operators through a digital emergency card.



Fitenza hopes to help you with by providing you a single destination for all you and your elder’s health needs. If you are interested, please consider joining the Fitenza community.