You can have a personal robot trainer right now

Ever wanted to have a personal trainer that lived with you 24/7 and helped you with you at any time of the day with nothing in return? No human would probably ever agree to that, but a robot definitely would. For the price of just $10,000 (after rebates), you can have your very own robotic personal trainer! Sanbot is a 3-foot tall robot with penguin arms. He listens to voice commands and can be interacted with through a touchscreen.


Sanbot could be your own personal trainer

Sanbot has an open API and can be connected to any Android app. Just like Fitenza, Sanbot can connect to wearable devices and read data off of them. If he detects that your heart rate during exercise is too high, it can let you know. Sanbot also comes with about a dozen sensors + 3D camera that can see how you’re performing your exercises. If he sees’s that you’re doing a routine wrong it could show you the correct way by using its 3-D projector. If you want more from your little helper then you can program your own algorithms through the open API, or use algorithms that others have developed.


Self-Learning AI

Sanbot uses a self-learning algorithm similar to Fitenza to learn from its environment. By connecting to the Sanbot API, Fitenza could bring it’s conversational AI to Sanbot. This helps give Sanbot more personality and lets you engage in fitness-based conversations with a penguin robot instead of using apps on your smartphone. Robots are more interactive and could bring more humanity to technology.


Sanbot to look after parents

Sanbot can help look after your elderly loved ones. In Japan, robots have been used as companions for the elderly for the past few years. Unlike the basic elderly Japanese robots, Sanbot isn’t just a talking companion. He has plenty of utility too. Sanbot can detect when someone has fallen and can send alerts to a list of emergency contacts.  For many elderly people mouses, keyboards, and touch screens are unintuitive. Sanbot can be used as an interface for technology. It is completely possible to operate Sanbot through voice commands. Sanbot can remember things that are hard like which drugs to take and when to take them and even bring the prescriptions from around the house.

  • Christina Cambell

    We used to think that robots like this would be in the future but the future is now.
    Robots like this one would make life a lot easier for working families, patients in hospitals,
    and just about anywhere. I can see these robots helping in stores with purchases or giving
    directions at malls.

    Great post!

    • Liang Leo

      It’s amazing!

  • The first thing I would teach this Robot to do is make me a cup of coffee. There are definitely
    many great uses for this robot. I think that a robot like this can accomplish repetitive tasks
    that humans do not want to do.