Self-care, powered by human

experts & artificial intelligence


Assistance through powerful Artificial Intelligence

Fitenza; The Smartest personalized self-care solutions

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Health Assistant (AI)

Fitenza’s AI powered health assistant is designed to learn about you and create a plan specifically for your lifetstyle and habits.

Cross Platform Integration

Fitenza’s software is designed to make the best of all your smart devices and wearables to organize one place for all your data.

Human Coaches

Alongside Fitenza’s smart conversational AI we have realtime fitness and health coaches ready to help you develop your plan for success.

Conversational AI

Not only is the Fitenza platform made to help you design your success plan but our AI is conversational and allows you to communicate with Fitenza daily.

Data is Secure and Shareable

Your health data is secure and you can take it with you wether you need it for emergency information or to share with your healthcare provider.

Fitenza's Plans

Fitenza is a fast moving and emerging platform with many updates yet to be implemented. Keep posted!

Take control of your

Health, Fitness, and Wellness

Fitenza gives you personal, trusted and actionableexperts and AI information – instantly

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About Fitenza

Fitenza was dreamt up by a health, fitness, and wellness expert team. We are Data scientists and clinical researchers who developed a passion for more accurate, efficient, and rapidly delivering patient therapies and interventions.

Our goal is to improve and lower the cost of day to day self-care for individuals (B2C) and clinical researchers/ trial for professionals (B2B)

Fitenza is at the leading edge of human health, fitness, and wellness through real-time social interactions with experts, specialist, RDs, RNs, Doctors, and coaches which are empowered by artificial intelligence and a next generation social solution platform.

Individuals/Patients and clinical trial candidate’s have data such as habits and daily activities that will be utilized by the platform and used to help empower the user to make better decisions regarding both self and health care.

Fitenza’s CTR AI Platform improves accuracy & accelerates the adoption of digital health for researchers and patients by providing a real world, time data capture, monitoring & evidence solution.

Fitenza’s CTR platform provides a highly customizable end-to-end solution with opportunity to integrate and link clinical data for advanced analytical research. By leveraging real-time data we reduce the time and cost to market.

Our Skills

Human Health Data Science


Artificial Intelligence


Platform Development


The 2017 “must-have” for

Self-Care Transformation

AI based Digital Care & Expert Health, Fitness and wellness experts plus a turn key service to continuously teach it so it gets smarter every day.

Social Features Clinical Features

Self-Care, powered by

Human Experts & Artificial Intelligence

Fitenza Experts and intelligent, automated Social Solution address
and resolves frequent app user’s health, fitness, and welness issues.

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The Fitenza Team

Our team’s driven passion is to revolutionize health-care to self-care assisted by artificial intelligence

David Khorram Co-Founder

David Khorram


Dapeng Jin Co-Founder

Dapeng Jin


Behzad Moghaddam Developer

Behzad Moghaddam


Ardavan Karbasi Developer

Ardavan Karbasi